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With official interest rates at historic lows, it makes sense to see whether you could save on your home loan. We make it easy with our free home loan health check.

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Home loan interest rates have dropped to all-time lows. There is competition for your mortgage out there! You may be surprised at the different choices available to you such as a home loan that is more suited to your budget and needs, and potentially at a lower cost.

Your Mortgage Choice broker can give you a free home loan health check to see if your current loan is still right for you, or whether you could potentially benefit from considering other options. All it takes is an hour of your time, and it could save you money in the long run.

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Home loan health tips

Our tips can help you to have a happy and relaxed approach to your mortgage long-term:

Reassess your personal budget

Think about daily, weekly, monthly and annual costs you can remove, even seemingly insignificant costs such as takeaway coffee, snacks and knick-knacks.


Track your expenses

You may be shocked at where your money goes – and how quickly! Use our financial planning savings tool to see what you could save.


Review loans, credit cards and debt

Visit a reputable mortgage broker along with an accountant or a Mortgage Choice financial adviser to see whether there are ways you can pay off your mortgage, personal loans and credit cards sooner.