Videos from Mortgage Choice in Mentone


At Mortgage Choice in Mentone, we're committed to giving expert home loan and financial advice. So we've put together a series of short videos to help people make better choices with their finances because we believe that making better choices leads to a better life.

We help people take control of their money so they can spend time doing things that make them happy, with the people who are important to them.

What happens when you see a Mortgage Choice…
What makes Mortgage Choice different?
Buying a property at auction
Do you think your home loan interest rate is…
How to achieve your financial goals for reti…
How much can I borrow for a home loan?
What is refinancing?
Are you thinking about refinancing?
What are the benefits of refinancing to cons…
What is the difference between a fixed and v…
What does having a guarantor mean?
What is home loan pre-approval?
Car loan & dealer finance explained
Offset accounts explained
Unlocking equity to invest
What is gearing or leverage?

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