5 Easy Ways to save money on moving

September 24, 2016
Ian Robinson

For many, the thought of planning a move is enough to cause a cold sweat. Anyone who’s done it before will tell you: There’s always more to it than you think. From apartment-hunting to storage rentals to hauling boxes cross-city and beyond, the to-dos are seemingly never-ending. And, if that wasn’t enough to get your heart rate pumping, there’s another big factor to consider on top of it all: budget.

We asked a handful of moving experts — professionals and experienced city dwellers alike — to share their best tips on how to save money (and preserve your sanity!) the next time you plan a move.

1. Get the timing right

Winter on the coast rraditionally is slower in the property market so you may uncover some great deals with removalists during the slower times.

2. Weigh your options

If you’re opting to transport your own goods, consider scheduling van or truck rentals for a weekday. Save money on your rental equipment by avoiding the weekend rush. Typically, Monday through Thursday offer greater equipment availability at a better cost. Plus, banks, government services, and utilities offices are open.

Hiring movers? Just remember: Book with a company you trust — don’t just go with the cheapest quote.. People have been let down at the last minute when the cheaper movers have canceled on someone but then there are no options left. Struggling to find a mover at the last minute is stressful — and probably expensive, too. Look at reviews and testimonials - don't just go on price.

3. Pack with purpose

This sounds obvious, but taking time to make sure that everything you pack is something that you actually want to take with you is always good advice. It stands to reason that moving less stuff means spending less money, whether you're moving yourself or hiring someone to help.

"Purging with purpose" can help pad a limited moving budget. Have a Garage Sale every time you move. Do a major cleanse of your place and try to pare down to only the things you love and need most. You could covber some significant costs of moving.

4. Keep calm and start early

The stress-reducing benefits of a head start are myriad. After all there are a ton of moving parts to consider, no pun intended. To begin, sort through your things — decide what’s coming with you and what you’ll leave behind. Have your movers handle only the largest, heaviest items you can’t move on your own. And, if you can do assembly work — taking apart bed frames or wardrobes, for example — you’ll avoid having to pay movers to do it.

Make sure to label the content of your boxes, and to indicate what rooms you want them to end up in. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to open a few dozen boxes to get to your extra rolls of toilet paper.

5. Know your rights

When hiring movers, don’t go with the first company you call, and make sure to get several bids. Be realistic about how much needs to be moved, so the company can make an accurate estimate — and whenever possible, estimates should be based on an on-site inspection.

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