Diarise your home maintenance tasks and save money

September 02, 2015
Ian Robinson

A sample list of home maintenance tasks to add to your calendar:


(But please remember, these are just suggestions. Your home might need more, less or different tasks to keep it in shape all year!)


Once a year


  • Anytime: Flush hot water heater
  • Anytime: Review your insurance and photograph any new items before it's time to renew your policy (Call us for access to good, cheap home insurance)
  • Anytime: Build or refill your disaster preparedness kit
  • Early Spring: Aerate your lawn
  • Early Spring: Book an AC inspection
  • Summer: Book a chimney sweep if you have a fire
  • Late Winter: Check and repair your window screens before beautiful spring temperatures


Every six months


  • Late Spring and Late Autumn: Reverse ceiling fan direction
  • Check/change batteries in smoke and co2 detectors
  • Clean exterior dryer vent
  • Vacuum fridge coils
  • Wash windows
  • Do a home safety check where you test smoke detector batteries, check all locks, and look for things like loose knobs, shelves, tripping hazards and more.
  • Clean out your gutters


Every 3 months


  • Wipe down inside of fridge and replace baking soda in fridge
  • Flip your mattress and vacuum your mattress and/or box spring
  • Clean baseboards and trim
  • Inspect and reseal grout/caulk as needed in tiled areas
  • Wash range hood ventilation filters


Every 1 - 2 months


  • Change air filters
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