Getting into your home sooner (How can Mortgage Insurance make it happen) - a case study for a young family.

August 19, 2013
Ian Robinson

Andrea and Mark, in their early 30’s with two young children, were determined to purchase their own home and stop their “money going down the drain by paying rent”.

Getting home sooner - How LMI can make it happen CASE STUDY

Since having Charlie and Anna it was harder to save but they had still managed to build a 5% deposit (with a little bit set aside for fees and incidentals).

Their challenge was in finding a lender to approve the 95% loan-to-value ratio (LVR) loan they needed for their dream home.

And the longer they waited, the higher house prices were likely to rise: “We’d calculated we could afford about $400,000 but every weekend looked the same: another auction, a higher sale price,”  said Mark. From a combined income of $140,000, rent was costing them $600—every week.

Believing that this money should have been going towards a mortgage, they decided to consult a lender about their options. Pleasingly, Andrea and Mark learnt they could buy a home with their 5% deposit by using Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

LMI offsets the risk a lender takes on a low deposit loan and lets them offer mortgages above 80% of the security property value. Lenders usually pass the cost of LMI on to the borrower, but this amount can often be capitalised into a loan (added to the loan amount); adding only a small additional cost each month to mortgage repayments.

Andrea and Mark could readily meet their mortgage repayments, so LMI enabled them to buy and then start watching the value of their home grow — instead of standing on the sidelines.

They’ve been in their home for six months and couldn’t be happier. “Nothing beats having your family under a roof that you own, but 12 months ago I couldn’t have imagined everything turning out this well. LMI made owning our home happen so much quicker,” said Mark .S.


How the numbers added up:

LMI - for about the price for a month of a night out at the movies.

Our combined income is $140,000

We've saved a 5% deposit = $20,000

We used LMI to get a loan for $380,000#

To buy our dream home for $400,000

For monthly payments of $2,121*

Including an LMI cost of $81.**

#excludes stamp duty and other costs of purchase, *based on a 30 year loan term at 5% interest, **monthly when capitalised.




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