The great Noosa Trail Walk

August 22, 2013
Ian Robinson

Undertake The Great Noosa Trail Walk and see the beautiful Noosa Hinterland sights up close.

Enjoy the landscape as you walk along a series of dedicated walking trails with other walkers. This is a unique and exciting way to explore the Noosa Hinterlands.This 3-day journey begins at historic Cooroy Lower Mill Site. Visit the state heritage listed timber mill buildings when you register. Day 1 itinerary includes a trip to the spectacular Amphitheatre, Noosa Botanical Gardens on the shore of Lake MacDonald.

The trail leads through Yurol State Forest through to Pomona Showgrounds. Camping will be at Pomona Showgrounds. There will be two screenings of a silent film comedy accompanied by a theatre organ. The film will be screened at Pomona’s iconic Majestic Theatre.

Day 2 includes Mt Cooroora walking trail which is home to the famous mountain race “King of the Mountain”. The views from the top are exceptional. Walkers can also take the Pomona Heritage Walk which includes the heritage listed buildings, traditional courthouse and jail cell, the Masonic Lodge and the Noosa Museum.

Day 2 also includes an afternoon meet at Stan Topper Park, a walk through the forests of Tuchekoi National Park as well as a trip to the Cooran Trading Post. Camping will be at Cooran Recreation Grounds.Day 3 will be the longest day of walking. Walkers can leave early to climb to James McKane lookout. Walk the Noosa Trail route via Twin Hills and Simpsons Road Range to Kin Kin. See spectacular views of farmlands, forests and lakes.

Upon arrival in Kin Kin, check in at the Kin Kin School of Arts Hall, where market stalls of local produce will be available. A shuttle bus will take walkers back to the start point at Cooroy from 3pm onwards.

Participate in The Great Noosa Trail Walk which will take place from October 5 to 7, 2013. Take in amazing views of Noosa Hinterland and get in shape as well.To learn more, visit

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