What to expect from a home loan interview

April 11, 2013
Ian Robinson

Gone are the days of having to get dressed up in a suit and all other finery to visit the bank manager with you hand out begging for a chance to 'prove yourself worthy' of gaining some funds.

Nowadays we are much more relaxed about getting a home loan and the introduction of the broker market back in the early 90's has had a lot to do with that.These days we can wander into a broker's office and be offered the best of service and be qualified for a home loan in just a few minutes, the formal part of applying for a loan comes after a few pleasantries, a few financial questions and a bit of fact-finding about what you want out of a loan so that it may fit your lifestyle and future plans.

At a broker interview now you can expect to be greeted and explained the basics of how it all works, what the expectations are for everyone and a few questions on your aspirations regarding what you are trying to achieve.You may then be asked to share information about your financials and your budget so as to see whether you qualify for what it is you are after.

Those details are entered into a system in front of you so that you can clearly see what is taking place, what the results are and what options then may be available.If all that gels and aligns with what you were initially seeking then you can progress to together looking at what the best option may be and then going ahead and completing an application.If all done in one meeting then it should take no longer than an hour, and often a bit quicker than that. But, if you need more time then that is available. If you need more meetings too then that is easily managed as well as some people need time to digest information.

It is a good idea to come prepared and have items available to show and prove income and outgo and identification (email me at ian.robinson@mortgagechoice.com.au for a generic list).

The rest is managed by the office team in preparing the submission to present in its best light and then to follow-up with the lender to ensure a smooth ride all the way through to settlement.

There are no costs associated to using the home loan service so you can be assured that you can discuss anything, at any time and for any length of time you like and it won't cost you a cent.

So get the list by emailing and come on in to see exactly what you can achieve. Or call on 07 54744100

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