Financial Planning Advice


Most people we talk to think that you only need a Financial Adviser if you have a big pile of cash, are getting close to retirement, or want to trade shares. This simply isn’t true!


A financial adviser is more like a coach for your money. A person who provides support and advice throughout the various stages of life, helping you to make the smart decisions that will see you live the life that you want to live and importantly, save you from making the one big mistake that can be truly wealth destroying.


Lachlan Semmens is our Financial Adviser at Mortgage Choice Morphett Vale, Seaford and Christies Beach. The first meeting with Lachlan is at our expense, providing you with a no obligation opportunity to discuss your current situation, identify what’s important to you and explore some of the strategy options and choices available to you.

So take the first step and call Lachlan today on 0427 903 140 or email to make an appointment and start living the life that you want to live.


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