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Debt consolidation | Mortgage Choice Campbelltown

At Mortgage Choice in Campbelltown, we can assist you in consolidating all of your debt and potentially lower your overall repayments. Debt consolidation is when you combine all of your debt into the one loan. Generally, this will be your home loan as a mortgage tends to have a much lower interest rate compared to a car or personal loan.

Living with high levels of personal debt can be financially and emotionally draining. So it’s important to look at ways to get back on track with money management, regain control of your cash and become debt-free. That's where we can help you!

As your local home loan experts in Sydney, we understand that your needs are unique. That's why we take the time to understand your lifestyle and financial goals and search through hundreds of loans to find the right option for you. Contact our team of mortgage brokers today to find the right finance solutions for your needs - call us on 02 4628 5622.

Benefits of refinancing to consolidate debt | Mortgage Brokers in Campbelltown

How can Mortgage Choice Campbelltown help?

1. Develop a plan

Our team starts by looking at each of your debts to understand the rate you’re paying. If you’re paying an over the top rate it’s a lot harder to clear the balance. We can help you refinance your debts or consolidate multiple balances into a single loan to save on interest costs.

As part of this stage, we will crunch the numbers to determine which approach is most effective for you. It’s not about throwing yourself into repayments, it’s about developing a smart plan.

As a guide, we can list your debts according to the interest rate, help you concentrate on paying off those debts sitting at the top of the list and guide you through the process of clearing each remaining one.

2. Review your budget

We will work with you to develop a realistic budget. It can show where you are spending, where you can cut back, and where you can save by getting a better deal. By doing this simple activity, it could save you hundreds each month.

3. Help you stay on track

If you’re facing unmanageable debt it can be easy to be discouraged by balances declining at a slow pace, however as your local Mortgage Choice Financial expert in Campbelltown, we are here to help you stay motivated. Contact our friendly team this week to start the conversation.

Call Mortgage Choice Campbelltown on 0407 072 035 to discuss the best debt consolidation strategy for your lifestyle.



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