Get expert advice from your broker

Get expert advice from your broker

Just as it is important to research the market for the ideal investment property, it makes sense to shop around for a loan that offers competitive rates and fees while still providing the flexibility you need to make the most of your investment.

This is where the expert advice of your local Mortgage Choice broker can be extremely valuable. They can compare hundreds of loans from a wide choice of lenders and advise you on the finer details of each option that could save you money in the long term.

Investment mortgages may come with a slightly higher interest rate, although this will depend on the lender, the area in which you buy and the type of property you select. However, broadly speaking, your investment will be similar to a home loan - you will be required to make repayments based on the loan principal, interest rate and term.


Loan options of particular interest to investors

Like an owner-occupier, you can choose to use a basic or more feature-filled standard variable rate loan to fund an investment property. However, there are certain loan options that can offer particular benefits to landlords. 

For tailored advice, speak to your local Mortgage Choice broker, who can suggest the type of loan best suited to your individual situation, goals and budget. 
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