5 spring home decor ideas

October 14, 2014
Jay Stewart

Celebrate the arrival of spring with our quick and easy decorating tips.

It’s time to pack away the throws, store the winter woollens and embrace the fresh lifestyle of the warmer months. 


Embrace natural lighting

Natural -lighting


The days are longer, the sun is brighter. That’s your cue to welcome spring into your home with a burst of natural lighting. Pull back heavy drapes to infuse rooms with sunshine or replace with sheer curtains that let you regulate light throughout the day.


Try a daring new palette



Spring is a great opportunity to go wild with colour, and a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to give your home’s interior a new look and feel. If you’re not sure about colour schemes check out one of the exciting smart phone apps that let you visualise your favourite rooms in different tones.


Stick to a single light colour throughout your home to create a sense of space and flow, and use bold accessories to provide bursts of colour accents.


Create a carnival of colour

Spring brings a burst of floral life and there’s nothing like an array of colourful flowers to lift interiors. Don’t be fussy about formal arrangements, just buy two to three times as many flowers as you think you need, and create a cheery focal point in the kitchen, living areas, even the bathroom. 


Add accents to windowsills with a few bright wildflowers in simple glass jars or cluster pots of pansies or lavender on table tops to bring a burst of spring colour around your home.




Pretty up the porch

Give your porch an easy spring makeover with a selection of ceramic pots brimming with flowers, leafy ferns or sweet scented gardenias. Giving the front door a fresh coat of paint in a bold colour can completely revitalise the look of your home – or add a park bench with brightly coloured cushions, then pour a cold drink, sit back, relax and watch the world go by.




Add a water feature



There’s nothing as soothing on a warm spring day as the delicate splash of cascading water. Pick up a ready-made water feature from your local garden centre, or ask about waterproofing an oversized terracotta pot. Add a pump to keep water clean and aerated, bring a splash of colour with some water lilies, then soak in the tranquillity of flowing water.


Breathe new life into something old

Instead of throwing out unwanted items, give them a new lease of life – after all, that’s what spring is all about. Turn an old bed into a comfy daybed by adding masses of plump cushions. Transform mismatched glassware into quirky vases. Or add a few holes to the soles of old boots; fill with potting mix and use as planters for kitchen herbs.



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