Turning your empty nest into a cosy home

November 18, 2014
Jay Stewart

When adult kids move out, our homes can take on new roles and a fresh beginning.

After years of raising kids from tiny babies to young (and not-so-young) adults, it’s quite natural to feel a sense of loss when your children - now all grown up, leave home. But this can also be a time to explore new beginnings in your life and in your home.


Apart from a leaner grocery bill the most obvious reminder that your children have moved out is at least one unused bedroom, and there is a whole smorgasbord of exciting ways to use the space.


Create a welcoming guest room


Chances are you’ll be entertaining a lot more now, and that’s a good excuse to transform an unused bedroom into a welcoming guest room. It gives visiting friends and family members a restful, and budget-friendly, place to bunk down when they come to visit.


Refresh the bedroom walls with a coat of paint and accessorise in neutral colours to help guests feel more at home.


You could even consider letting out your spare bedroom to travellers or students. Check out websites like homestay.com.au to see what sort of tariff your guest room could command


Open the doors to your home office


The trend of working for longer is encouraging plenty of baby boomers to consider starting their own business, many tapping into years of experience to offer consulting services.


Turning that spare bedroom into a dedicated office gives you a professional work area that’s quite separate from domestic life - a real plus when it comes to claiming home office expenses at tax time.


Even if you’re not considering self-employment, a home office can be the ideal area to manage investments and store important paperwork.


Indulge in hobbies


Without the kids at home you are free to indulge in all those pastimes you’ve never had quite enough time to pursue.


Dabble in painting, dressmaking or have a shot at writing your memoirs, by transforming that empty bedroom into a hobby or crafts room. Add shelving, storage cabinets as needed and good lighting to suit your hobby needs.


Your own private gym


Enjoy a healthy workout in the privacy of your own home by setting up a home gym. It can mean big savings on gym membership plus no worries about having to wait for your favourite piece of equipment or missing your favourite class.


The ultimate man cave


Empty the spare bedroom, add a pool table, maybe a bar area, a wide screen for movie nights and some very comfy chairs. It all adds up to the perfect mantuary for when the lads drop by.


When the kids leave home it’s also worth reviewing your home loan. You could be in a position to tap into home equity to fund an investment property and grow wealth for retirement. Speak to me today on 5502 8906 to find out more or click on the 'contact us' tab at the top of the page


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