A competitive Mortgage in 4 easy steps

August 07, 2017
Jim Demetriou

Step 1

Compare and check

We compare the latest mortgage deals in real-time online and check what's affordable. Our panel of lenders have hundreds of product to suit your needs.

Step 2

See if you qualify

Call us - we'll need to run through a few questions to let you know which deals you're eligible for - no need for a credit check.

Step 3

Apply online

You won't have to tell us any info twice, we'll keep it and put it in the form so you can check it through our Preliminary Assessment Proposal and we'll apply nline for you.

Step 4

Track & chase

We will track your application online 24/7. We'll even appoint a dedicated case manager who'll do all the legwork for you.

Call me your Home Loan Expert on 02 9525 0112 and I will compare loans so you get the most competitive deal to suit your needs.

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