An investment property can help you build wealth and financial security

Why invest in property?

Investment properties have many benefits when building long-term wealth. If you take the time and select your investment properties well, property can deliver good returns for long-term investors. For many people, property is the preferred investment vehicle to get them where they want to be. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • property continues to perform solidly
  • it's an asset you can easily understand
  • property gives you higher leverage
  • you can control the value of your property
  • you can negotiate on the price
  • you get great tax benefits
  • you can claim tax against depreciation
  • stability

Planning to Invest

Successful property investing calls for one key ingredient - planning. A rental property is a substantial financial commitment and you’ll achieve the best results if you take the time to get good advice and plan carefully before you act.

Property Investor Guide

Our free, downloadable guide explains the costs and steps associated with the purchase of an investment property, positive/negative gearing as well as pros and cons of houses vs. units.

Getting Started

Before you start hunting for an investment property, it's worth considering several important factors:

  1. Your current financial position. 
  2. Can you afford a quality property? 
  3. Where are you heading?
  4. How much will you need?
  5. How much can you afford to borrow?
  6. Do you need a cash deposit?

This quick video gives you some insights into getting started with investing.

What you need to know about investment lending

  • Government bodies have driven change
  • Investor interest rates have risen
  • There are still great deals out there
  • Every lender has different rules
  • A mortgage broker does all the legwork

Get expert advice from your broker

I'm here to help, with a choice of investment home loan options, repayment strategies and other great options for investors.

Contact Jo Duncan, your local Mortgage Choice broker for Brookfield, Kenmore, Fig Tree Pocket, St Lucia and surrounds to discuss your options today.


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