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Learn more about home finance with Money Chat Videos from Mortgage Choice. Welcome to our videos page where we've provided answers to the common questions from clients just like you that are looking to purchase and invest in property.


I've you've got questions that are not covered here, give me a call or send me a message - I'm happy to publish content that is most relevant to you.

Guide to refinancing
How do Mortgage Choice brokers get paid?
What happens when you see a Mortgage Choice…
Refinancing to consolidate debt
Equity explained
What is negative vs positive gearing
Using a guarantor to get onto the property l…
How can I start investing?
Mortgage Choice car sourcing - an easier way…
Dealer finance - know exactly what you're si…
Renting v Buying
Foundations of Financial Wellbeing
How To Save For A Home Loan Deposit
How Much Can I Borrow?
Unlocking Equity to Invest
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