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The best home loan is not just about the interest rate

There is an incredible range of options available that home owners or prospective home owners need to consider when looking at a home loan.

There is no doubt that interest rates are important. The best headline rate may however not suit all borrowers. Factors that influence your choice of loan include:

  • whether the property is owner occupied or an investment
  • flexibility - do you need to redraw funds, do you need an offset account, can you make extra repayments
  • whether a fixed or variable rate loan is most appropriate, or perhaps a combination (known as a split loan)
  • fees that may apply which also need to be factored into the cost of the loan
  • individual requirements of each lender e.g. how much deposit is required, whether lenders mortgage insurance is payable, restrictions that could apply to certain types of properties

Our role is to wade through the complexities of each and every loan option and make it simple for you to get the right loan at the right rate of interest.

Get the right home loan for your needs

Our mission is to find the right home loan for your individual needs and to always have your best interests at heart. Plain and simple. Which is why we have such a wide range of lenders to choose from. We can search through hundreds of products to find something tailored to your situation. ~

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