Moving Home - 8 top tips to decrease stress.

March 24, 2017
Annette Kennedy

To do list for moving home

 Moving home can see daunting as there is a lot to do to move your life from one location to a new beginning.  Whether you are moving to your newly purchased home or moving into a rental, here are my top 8 things to put on your to do list.

  • Number 1 job is to cull 

    Don’t take items to your new home that you have not been using or you know will not fit in your new home.  Have a garage sale, get busy on eBay or donate to charity and declutter.  Make moving day easier and quicker by decluttering first.  Start this process early as it can be time consuming. 


  • Plan how you are going to move 

Book friends, family or professionals.  Professional removalist do come at a cost, of course, but they also are efficient at what they do, have experience and are less likely to damage your possessions.  The DIY option isn't always the most cost effective.  Your friends will have the best of intensions but accidents to happen.  How many times have you seen furniture tied to the back of utes and said a little prayer hoping that it doesn't fly off and cause an accident?  Removalists may offer cheaper rates during the week, so pick a day that suits your budget, and read their fine print.

  • Organise for the utilities to be turned on at your new address before you arrive and off at your old after you leave.  Energex suggest notifying them at least four days prior to moving to arrange for electricity and gas to be connected. 
  • Water does not get disconnected and reconnected and if you are purchasing a home your solicitor will have ordered a special meter reading so your first water and sewage notice should reflect your usage only. 
  • Arrange for connection and disconnection of phone, internet and pay TV. 
  • Notify people of your new address, friends and family as well as work, pay office, your children’s school, your bank, electoral office, your medical centre, your vet and local council for animal registration.
  • Redirect your mail and any subscriptions. 
  • Pack a ‘first night in my new home’ bag.  Moving can be exhausting and if you have had to travel far the last thing you want to do is search through the boxes to find your toothbrush.  Keep a bag with you that will tie you over until you start the unpacking.

Although this is a stressful time, the big picture is an exciting new beginning. All the best!



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