When Purchasing a New Home - Preparation is Key

July 15, 2014
Annette Kennedy

John Kennedy of Mortgage Choice in Mudgeeraba discusses the team of experts you require to help you achieve home ownership.

As with all things, good preparation and expert advice is necessary to reduce stress when undertaking major decisions.  When purchasing property, whether it be your home or an investment, it is paramount to have a team on your side from the get go.


Your Team needs:

Mortgage broker - That's where Mortgage Choice can help.  We will independently assess what you can borrow and which lending institution offers the best features and interest rates to meet your needs.

With expert knowledge, we will guide you through all your options and the mountain of paperwork to enable you to be successful in taking out your loan.

Having a preapproval is not essential but a sound option to consider.  A preapproval will give you a realistic picture of your circumstances before you start searching the property market.


Our service is at no charge to you.


Building Engineers and Pest Inspectors - Before signing anything it is important to have your dream home examined or it could become a nightmare.

Through the structural inspection faults will be identified for you to consider.  Minor faults that youa re happy to live with may allow you to negotiate on the final purchase price.  Major faults, found on inspection will allow you to walk away from a potential money pit.

Your pest inspection will allow you to know about any termite damage or current infestations.

On signing any coantract your are locked in to accepting a property with all its faults and any little creatures that have decided to call a home before you.  It is best to know what lies ahead.

Building and Pest Inspections are money well spent.


Solicitor - a solicitor is an integral part of your team.  They will ensure that your contract is sound and binding, as well as carry out background checks on the property with council and government departments.

Your solicitor will represent you  at settlement.  Settlement is where the property title/ownership officially changes hands.

Solicitors fees vary, but to give you a guide SP&G Lawyers charge fees from $950 plus searches, for excellent service.  Contact Matt Brook on 5570 9325 or matthew.brook@spglawyers.com.au or visit their website: www.spglawyers.com.au

To get you on the road to achieving your financial goals give your local Gold Coast Mortgage broker John a call today on 5559 2563 or email him on john.kennedy@mortgagechoice.com.au


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