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It's no surprise to hear that our team are big believers in property and using it to create wealth for the future. A big part of your investment property purchase is choosing a loan that compliments your plans and maximises returns.

In short, it means that you need lots of choice when it comes to selecting the finance to back your investment property purchase. The Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill team will search through options from 25 of Australia's leading lenders and banks to find a great one. 

  • We'll do the research to find you a great loan
  • We give advice on how to structure your loan 
  • We find features that will help you maximise returns
  • We talk you through using equity to fund your investment
  • We do all the paperwork, follow-up and negotiation on your behalf

Our home loan calculators

Using your equity 

It's a great tool available to many Australians - using the equity you have already built in your home to fund your investment. The great news is that if you’ve been paying off your home loan in a booming housing market, your equity may have grown substantially. 

The Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill team will calculate how much equity you have access to and how that can used to purchase your investment.

Handy tools for investors

Your home loan journey starts here

Jon and his team in Hunters Hill would love to get you started on buying an investment property. From the beginning to post-settlement our team are here to support & guide you.

Call Jon and the Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill team on 0488 118 089 to get started.

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The Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill team service the areas of Gladesville Ryde, North Ryde, West Ryde, Epping, Eastwood, Hunters Hill and surrounding areas.

Compare and save on investment loans

We search through offers from over 25 lenders to find you the investment loan that may suit your needs. ~

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