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Refinancing is a handy tool to keep your loan up-to-date with the new rates and features released regularly by banks and lenders. Some of these rates and features may not have been available when you first settled your home loan and can even come with some great cashback offers.

How do you know when it's the right time to refinance? 

  • You haven't had your loan reviewed in the last 2 years
  • You're looking at a lower interest rate
  • You're coming to the end of a fixed rate term
  • You would like to invest
  • You would like to access your equity for renovation or investment
  • You're interested in debt consolidation to save money
  • You want to switch lenders

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How we can help

Our Free Home Loan Health Check

The Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill team can help you with refinancing by first identifying if there's a different home loan with a lower rate or better features available to you.

We do this through our free Home Loan Health Check, comparing your current loan with the market to see if there's a better deal. We will be able to let you know very quickly if this is the case.

The Refinancing process

If there is a better deal or cashback offer available to you, our Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill & Ryde team will start the discharge process with your current lender and put together your application for the new loan.

Handy tools for refinancing

Your refinancing journey starts here

Jon and his team in Hunters Hill would love to review your home loan and see if we can find a better deal. From the initial review through to settlement on your new loan, we will be there to provide guidance and support.

Call Jon and the Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill team on 0488 118 089 to get started.

Book your free Home Loan Health Check

The Mortgage Broker Hunters Hill team service the areas of Gladesville Ryde, North Ryde, West Ryde, Epping, Eastwood, Hunters Hill and surrounding areas.

Is it time to refinance?

Our mission is to find the right home loan for your individual needs and to always have your best interests at heart. Plain and simple. Which is why we have such a wide range of lenders to choose from. We can search through hundreds of products to find something tailored to your situation. ~

Contact us today.

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