3 clever strategies to nail home buying this spring

October 04, 2016
Jenny Pham

Warmer weather means high time for home buying. Put yourself one step ahead of the market with our three smart strategies to find the home that's right for you and your budget.


  1. Get the right experts on your side - it helps you to act quickly

    Buying a hone is a lot easier when you have the right experts lined up to assist you as soon as you've found the right property. First, talk to me about getting your home loan pre-approved. Home loan pre-approval is crucial as it helps you know exactly what you can afford and leaved you well-placed to act quickly when the right property comes along.

    Also line up a professional conveyancer or solicitor too. That way the contract of sale can be reviewed promptly when you find a suitable property.

  2. Research your market - make the right offer

    Having a clear idea of what properties are selling for in your patch makes it easier to make realistic offers - and that's a smart strategy to reduce the risk of missing out to another buyer.

    Keep an eye on the prices being asked for the type of home you're interested in, and just as importantly, make a note of the actual sell price. If the prices being achieved are beyond your budget, it could be worth revisiting your property wishlist - a slightly smaller home or a different suburb could be a better fit for your budget.

  3. Add up all the costs - avoid last-minute surprises

    Buying a home involves more than growing a deposit. Be sure to make allowances for other upfront costs like stamp duty and legal fees, plus the cost of selling your current home - if you have one.

    If you're looking to buy property this spring, I can help you do the sums and provide a complete picture of the cost of buying your new home.
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