Is now the time to fix?

January 04, 2017
Jenny Pham

A lot has happened in the mortgage market over the last couple of months, with several lenders lifting the interest rates acros their suite of home loan products. Many economist also believe rates will rise further this year, with the Reserve Bank of Australia widely expected to lift the cash rate within the next 12 months. 

With this in mind, it's clear that the botton of the rate cycle may soon be behind us. As such, now really is the perfect time to review to your current financial situation and make sure you are still in the right product for your needs.

To fix or not to fix?

With some lenders offering fixed rates below 4%, you may find that now is the perfect time to fix part or all of your mortgage.

A fixed rate will not only help you to avoid any future rate rises, but will also provide you with some surety around your regular mortgage repayment.

Of course, before you make any decisions and potentially refinance into a fixed rate mortgage, it is worth getting expert advice. 

As your Expert Broker, I can help you investigate what home loan options are available and see whether or not fixing is the right financial move for you. So why not give me a call today at 0499 643 643 or simply fill in you details above and I'd be happy to help!

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