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A coach for your money!

Every successful person has a coach or mentor, from sports people to people in business. There's no reason why you can't have one too.

Our financial adviser, Steven Wong, can work with you to help realise your financial possibilities and achieve your goals sooner while making sure your lifestyle is fully protected along the way.

Even if you're pretty financially savvy… it's a rare person who wouldn't want an expert on hand to help you get ahead and make the most of your money – all while taking care of the grunt work! 

Joining your mortgage loan experience…

The path to owning a new property can be rough and bumpy especially when your finances is not enough to cover the expenses, and this is the reason why we have come up with a program for mortgage loans to make owning a property easy and affordable. Now, to go through the application process, the best solution is to ask help from a reliable mortgage broker that you can rely when it comes to processing part of your finance.

As a mortgage broker, my aim is to find the home loan that best suits you and the situation you are in. Together with my team, our focus is to give you confidence and peace of mind while we are fulfilling the home loan criteria your situation most likely requires.

Our Home Loan Service Criteria/Mantra

  • Affordable and Obligation-free

I work to attain the best outcome for you without putting a burden on your wallet. Our commission stays steady regardless of the home loan option you prefer as long as it is a residential home loan with any of the twenty-five lenders on our panel.

  • Assessing your options the right way

I am packed with years of financial experience and local property knowledge, and so I have an in-depth understanding of the mortgage loan market and property lending markets for the properties in Footscray, Maidstone, Williamstown, Yarravile, and Melbourne's Inner West. I look forward to discussing with you about your property and mortgage loan preferences, and then I will guide you to be financially prepared to take on your first property investment. I'd be happy to answer all your questions and will guide you through the process to make sure that you make informed decisions and become more than prepared to this kind of commitment.

  • Let me work it all. I want you to be worry-free
    As soon as you have filled in all the information I need from the application form, I'll liaise with the lender. Any issues will be dealt with accordingly to make sure that your application is as seamless as possible. If you have questions about your applications, or on government grants, contact me right away.

  • Quick application processing
    Organized structure implementation throughout your loan process is one of my aims to speed up the process so you can finally start living in your own dwelling.

  • End-to-end service

From loan application to home and contents insurance coverage, and even life income and mortgage insurance, I can settle them all for you.

  • Problem solving skills

I can fight off any unexpected problem that can be brought about during the entire process. Let me work for you, and let us work as a team.

My Main Services

  • Financial Planning Service

Our dedicated financial planning adviser will assist you

  • Mortgage Broker Advice

Chat with me and help me advise you with anything about home loans, relocations, refinancing, investment properties, car loans, and personal loans. I will be glad to hear from you.

Call me today on: 0499 643 643 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

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