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We specialise in helping local Toowoomba and Darling Down's businesses finance their equipment. From tractors to trucks to drones to industrial machinery, we look for your best finance options.  If it has a serial number give us a call on 07 4638 8200 and see what options we have for you.



The most common types of equipment finance are finance leases, hire purchases and equipment loans.

An equipment finance lease allows a business to have access to the latest equipment without spending capital.  You negotiate a new arrangement at the end of the lease contract, and either continue leasing the existing item or opt to lease a new item. 

Hire purchase suits businesses that wish to own the assets outright at the end of the contract. A deposit is usually not required.

The third option is an equipment loan (or chattel mortgage), this is a loan secured by a mortgage over the asset. This arrangement has some tax advantages, in that GST is not paid on loan repayments.

We were named the Mortgage Choice Australia 2019 Diversified lending franchise, for our knowledge and customer service and love of diversified lending.




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