Have you really got time to mess around with banks? by Julie Browne

March 16, 2014
Julie Browne

You finally found your home on Saturday and put in an offer; now get your finance sorted with your mortgage broker on Sunday.


Being available 7 days a week is just one of the main advantages of using my mortgage broking service.

Other advantages are:

  • Ensuring lender policies meet your circumstances prior to loading a loan application


  • Finding a loan structure that matches your needs now and in the future - not everyone plans to live in the same house for rest of their lives and loan structure is important.


  • Going to the bank means you are limiting your borrowing options. What bank employee would recommend another bank? they would lose their job.

  • Most banks clock off at 5pm, I’m available after hours, try finding a bank that responds to emails in the evening?

  • Lender's mortgage insurance premiums vary widely. I can structure your loan to ensure you are not paying more than necessary.

  • I have loan serviceability calculators covering all aspects of your deal, only generic high level ones are available on the web.

  •  If you are a first home buyer I can help you with all the jargon to take the confusion away for you.


  •   I know reputable conveyancers and solicitors in your area to make my service seamless for you.

  •  And the greatest advantage is that I do all the leg work often out of hours at a time that suits you.

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