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January 03, 2017
Julie Browne

Are you finding it difficult to obtain a home loan? What often happens is that you will go to the bank that you are already a customer of, make initial enquires, only to be told you don't meet their lending criteria. 

Does that sound familar to you? if yes, then you require our home loan service... we have more than 20 different lenders on our panel and chances are your individual circumstance will fit with one or more of them. 

Case Study - how we helped these first home buyers

Sarah and Tony had found their dream home; it was brand new and never lived in,  meaning they were eligible for the first home owner's grant of $15,000 ( current in SA at time of writing). 

However they didn't have any savings at all but they did have a gift of $50,000. Most lenders would require them to have as a minimum 5% of genuine savings (GS) to go towards the purchase.

The gift would not satisfy this requirement, as GS would have had to be held in their savings account for 3 months prior to a loan application. 

But time was against them as the property would not be available if they had to wait for another 3 months.

Their bank could not help them and then a friend suggested they contact our Mortgage Choice office in Sefton Park.

Sarah contacted us straight away and an appointment was made. After meeting with them and ascertaining their employment position and other lending criteria we were able to find them a lender whose genuine savings policy was more generous than that of their current bank.

The key was that we listened and found a workable solution in a very short time frame and without any hassles. The couple's final home loan with the lender meant they were able to move into their brand new home within 30 days of contacting us. 

Are you in a similar situation as Sarah and Tony and need some help? Fill out the appointment form on this page or call us today on 8342 5688 or a/h 0421 206 543.



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