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August 03, 2016
Julie Browne

Mortgage Choice Asset Finance (MCAF)

From July 2016 onwards, to help cater to our customers’ growing financial needs, Mortgage Choice has expanded its suite of services to include a branded Asset Finance offering sourced from a wide panel of over 30 car and equipment finance lenders. 

This new asset finance offering from Mortgage Choice gives you the ability to use a professional to negotiate a competitive car loan your behalf. In the same way I can source the best home loan rate for your needs, I can now source all customers a great car loan rate as well. 

Car Loans

When buying a new car, most of us will need to take out a loan in order to finance the purchase.

While a lot of people will just get a loan through their chosen car dealership, this isn’t the only way to fund a vehicle purchase.

By using Mortgage Choice to help you obtain car finance, I can help you snag a very competitive car loan. When selecting a car loan, it is important to look beyond the interest rate. While the interest rate will certainly play an important role in your final decision, it isn’t the only factor at play.

Other factors to consider are Fixed or Variable rate, Loan fees, Loan Repayments, and Loan Term.

Also, by sourcing your car loan through Mortgage Choice, you can avoid falling for car yard offers (such as 0% interest on car finance) that are too good to be true.

While these offers sound like a great deal on the surface, when you read the fine print you may find the story is a little different.

Such deals are often accompanied by significant hidden fees and charges, and in many cases the interest cost is factored into the upfront sales price of the car.

This means the dealer may not be able to afford to be flexible on the price of the vehicle, or be particularly generous with a trade-in offer.

Other Services

Despite the name, MCAF is more than just asset finance. Other services include:
• Car buying - nationally sourcing and delivery
• Extended Warranty
• Gap cover
• Novated Leasing
• Fleet pricing

Call our office today on 8342 5688 or fill in the form on this page for a no-obligation discussion on your next car and equipment purchase plans, and I will assist & guide you through the process of achieving your goals.

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