Personal Loan As A Deposit

September 26, 2015
Julie Browne


Yes, it may be possible to use a personal loan as part of your deposit to buy a home.

Saving the deposit it is always the preferred option, however, if you can afford the repayments of both loans and you want to buy now, you can use a personal loan as a leg up to get into the market.

There are only a few lenders who allow this strategy and it is recommended as a last resort. Here are examples where using this method is worthwhile:

  • Unconditional auction purchase and valulation was short requiring $10k of extra funds
  • Seeking pre approval now and savings not quite enough to meet miminum requirements 
  • Purchase opportunity, to good to miss out on, and a personal loan plus savings will boost the deposit to secure the deal
  • Off-the-plan purchase valuation is short and extra funds are required
  • Houses prices are increasing faster than ability to save and depleting your buying power to secure a property

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