Yes, You Really Do Need A Financial Advisor

September 15, 2017

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I’ll be honest when I tell you I never thought I could use the assistance of a financial advisor. I really thought that they were for millionaires, big business owners, or people in bankruptcy. But, after hearing from one I realized how much help we all need with our money. After all, it can be working for you or working against you. Don’t you want your money in the right places and in the right hands? I definitely do. I think everyone needs a financial advisor, and here is why…

1. They’re an expert. You knew that already, right? But think about it: are you an expert at money? Maybe you are, but if not, you probably aren’t quite sure what to do with it. We use experts all the time for our health (physicians, personal trainers), our home (electricians, plumbers), and in many other aspects of our life. Why do we not use one for our money? 

2. You should be prepared. You might think you don’t need one right now because things are going OK. You’re paying your bills, putting some money into savings… Why hire someone you don’t need? We all know it’s easier to prevent a disaster rather than cleaning one up, right? The same is true for our finances. It’s much easier to see an advisor and assess your money and goals before anything has a chance to go wrong. Planning is key. 

3. Sometimes money is boring. For you, money is the last thing you want to think about. Why not let someone help you handle it that really loves it? There are so many things to read and understand and if that feels completely boring to you (like it does to me) then hiring someone who enjoys it is a really smart decision. Let them deal with the boring stuff! If you’re concerned about the cost, I think you’d be surprised at the amount. Find out the price before you agree and make sure it’s something you feel comfortable with, but don’t write off the entire idea because you are concerned about fees. You might be surprised how little is costs. Have you ever met with a financial advisor?

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