How to double the value of your property.

October 11, 2016
Lisha Cui

Have you ever wondered why some properties struggle to achieve a decent sale while others double in value every 5 years?  

It’s all about the location and those tiny details within your property. Those details could include the position of the house on the street, the amount of natural light that comes into the house and sufficient storage facilities. 

The “A-grade” houses (modern, near transport and shops etc.) will always attract competition and sell for more than expect whether the market is up or down. However, when it comes to those “B and C grade” properties, those small aspects really count. 

Things to consider when renovating/wanting to double the value of your property: Create a modern floor plan  

If you have an older home, which may have choppy layouts including a number of tiny rooms, maybe you should consider knocking down some walls and creating a larger open family space. For example, you could get rid of your formal dining area which has little use in a modern family environment or open a wall in the kitchen so that the whole family can contribute to making dinner. Designing a modern floor plan for your property can make your house appear newer then it actually is.  

Update kitchens and bathrooms  

The most important thing when potential buyers are looking at properties is the size and look of the kitchen and bathrooms. Nothing turns off homebuyers more than awkward and small kitchen and bathroom layouts. Every dollar that you are thinking of putting into these renovations could potentially earn you twice that amount back. Although you make think that these types of renovations could be pricey, you would be surprised that your dream kitchen or bathroom can cost less than you think.  

Maximise the existing natural light  

Since summer is almost here and our day is full of more sunlight, maximising the natural light within in your house. Things you should consider are purchasing mirrors, if you place a mirror on a wall adjacent or opposite to a window it can mimic the window and make it seem like you have more windows then walls. Access to light is becoming crucial to buyers as new apartment and townhouse blocks take light from existing properties. 

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