Add a taste of Tuscany to your home

July 22, 2015
Herman Esterhuizen

Relish this relaxed Mediterranean style.

The Tuscany region of Italy is renowned for its history, culture, and magnificent landscape dotted with ancient olive groves and famous vineyards.  With some clever design ideas, it’s possible to bring a taste of Tuscany into your home.

Earthy colour schemes

At the heart of Tuscan style is a rustic colour palette – warm earthy tones enhanced by natural ochres and the rich hues of terracotta. It is a theme that can be achieved from the ground up, using tiled or timber flooring. Add a few soft, worn rugs for additional character and comfort.

Mosaics are a common feature of Tuscan design and if your budget doesn’t extend to mosaic tile inlays, think about making it a feature of your kitchen splashback. Or break up some colourful tile off cuts to create a mosaic design of your own. It can be surprisingly easy, and mosaics add an eye-catching touch.

Texture and an aged patina

When it comes to interior walls, a number of paint treatments can replicate the aged stucco rendering characteristic of Tuscan villas. Think soft colour washes and textured paints in warm shades. Not every surface has to be painted, natural timbers used in window and doorframes provide contrasting accents and natural textures.

Next, bring walls to life with traditional Tuscan features like wrought iron light scones, mirrors, shelving or wine racks. Art works depicting natural landscapes or still life paintings of fruit or wine, add another authentic touch. Importantly, the Tuscan style is relaxed, with a focus on the landscape, so don’t be too concerned about the placement of accessories - the overall look should be casual and inviting.

Wrought iron adds flair and style

Furnish your Tuscan-style home with oversized lounge settings, and aim for rich, natural timbers – again with a few wrought iron features, in pieces like dining tables and chairs. Stone and granite benchtops in the kitchen add an element of luxury while also being durable and easy to maintain.

Bring the outside into your home with oversized terracotta planets featuring ficus or palms. Or combine good looks with good health by adding some courtyard pots overflowing with herbs like parsley, coriander, or basil.  

The beauty of decorating your home Tuscan style is that it combines old-fashioned romance with charm and warmth – features that are relevant for all Australian homes. So sit back, relax, and raise a glass of Chianti in celebration of your home.

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