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Laura Ong

Helpful Mortgage & Finance Videos provided by your Local Mortgage Broker Cardiff

As your local mortgage broker in Cardiff, we are specialists in home loans, investment loans, refinancing, personal loans and more. Our goal is to find you the most suitable loan for your needs and save you money. Also, we like to help our clients further by providing expert mortgage advice.

The following videos cover various finance and loan topics that are frequently asked by our clients. These simple videos will provide you with the answers to your questions and clarify concepts on everything mortgage-related from; first home buying to refinancing to investing, to car finance and so on.

Get in touch with us today for more advice or if you're interested in learning more about any of these topics. Call our expert mortgage broker Cardiff, Laura Ong on 0487 777 477.

Fixed or Variable Rate? What's best for me?
How much can I Borrow for a Home Loan?
Using Equity to Invest?
Renting vs Buying?
Mortgage Choice's Suite of Services
The Truth About 0% Car Finance
What is LMI?
What is Gearing or Leverage?

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