7 things home buyers are looking for

September 24, 2017
Sandra Heinzlmeier

Are you trying to sell your property or increase the value of your home? Listen up! A study has found that the majority of home buyers have a similar wish list regarding their dream property, irrespective if they are a young family, professional couple or single.

Home buyers generally take the below aspects into consideration when buying a property. Try to keep these in mind when house hunting to ensure the resale value of your property:


1. Location, Location, Location

We all have one or two dream suburbs that tick all the boxes on our location-list. Buyers generally like to live close to public transport and shops, close to family and friends as well as close to work, university and schools. It might take some searching around before the right house comes up in their dream suburb, however once it does, home buyers are more willing to forgive a few imperfections if the home is in the right location.


2. Renovations

The days of home buyers being mainly interested in the property size are long gone. A renovation project only appeals to a growingly small percentage of home buyers in the market. However, an already renovated home at the right price gives buyers the advantage of buying a turn-key property they can enjoy straight away.


3. A second living space

The possibility of spreading out throughout the new home is what home buyers are looking for today. A single living room is not enough anymore for the majority of home buyers and an additional sun room or living room can make all the difference, particularly for families with children.


4. Modern Bathrooms

Home buyers love new wet areas and are drawn to slick and modern amenities with the promise of comfort and the possibility to move straight into the home. Next to kitchens, bathrooms are also very important areas for home buyers and they are basing their final decision about purchasing the property on these areas.


5. NBN Connection

Real estate agents have been asked increasingly about the presence of NBN connections.  If your property offers an NBN connection, chances are you will catch the interest of young professionals and first home buyers at the very least.


6. That ‘homey’ feel

That million dollar feeling of being home – that is what home buyers are looking for. The buyer needs to see themselves in the property when walking through the front door. Vendors should create a sense of peace and calm in all areas of the property to make the buyers fall in love with the potential new home. If you are selling while still residing in the property, consider decluttering your home and storing any unnecessary household items. If the home is vacant, consider having the property dressed professionally to give potential buyers an idea of what their furniture could look like in the space.


7. The financial aspect

The definition of financial satisfaction is the genuine feeling that the purchase has been affordable and the home buyer got value for money. Whether the buyer is purchasing an investment property or a home to live in, they do not want to overstretch themselves financially. Nobody wants to be a slave to their mortgage and taking a potential rate rise into consideration is inevitable for home buyers. Financial peace is key.


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