Grand Opening for Mortgage Choice Singleton

May 01, 2012
Tracy Parish1

For those chasing their property ownership dreams, making time to get the property and loan search underway is often tricky. It can also be very confusing. That’s why 42% of all new home loans in Australia are now sourced through mortgage brokers.  

Hearing much local demand for a convenient mortgage broking service encouraged broker Robert Walpole to open a new-look Mortgage Choice office in Singleton, Cragg House Suite 4, 106 John street.  

With the official opening imminent, time-poor borrowers living or working in Singleton can now rest assured that a qualified and accessible team of Mortgage Choice loan consultants is available to meet their needs during their lunch break, business hours or after hours!  

“We are determined to help locals find a loan that is tailored to their lifestyle as well as their financial situation, so they can comfortably and confidently buy a home and/or build a property portfolio,” Robert said.  

“Our new office provides our valued customers with more convenient access to Mortgage Choice and allows us to continue to work hard to ensure they receive excellent service. We’re all about empowering people to be confident with their home loan decisions.”  

Robert, and his wife and business partner, Tracy Parish are awarding Mortgage Choice franchisees that have managed multiple mortgage broking franchises across NSW.   

“We are dedicated to assisting busy residents in investigating their finance options so they find a great product and provider that suits their unique needs, at a time that suits them,” Robert said, “This is particularly important as locals look for strategies to get ahead with their loan repayments, such as sourcing a lower rate or fees.”  

“We understand many working Australians lack the time to visit numerous lenders, so we alleviate the running around by doing the work for you. We are passionate professionals, we know the finance industry well and can easily compare loan types offered by our extensive lending panel including major banks, non-bank lenders and building societies.”  

“One of the best things about our job is that we don’t charge customers for our home loan service. And, we are paid the same commission rate by Mortgage Choice head office no matter what home loan is chosen, meaning we truly work in customers’ best interests.”  

The Singleton office is also happy to provide existing mortgage holders with a free ‘home loan health check’. People change, as do their financial obligations, so getting a regular check (generally taking around 15 minutes) helps determine whether your current loan is still the most suitable for you today - potentially saving money and time off your loan term!  

For more information contact Robert or Tracy. Maitland Office 02 4936 6652, Singleton Office 02 6571 4335 or click here  to "Book a Meeting"

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