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The home loans on offer can change quickly.  Your own situation will change too.  That's why it is important to have your home loan reviewed regularly.  If there is a better deal available to you, refinancing could save you thousands of dollars and shave years off your current loan term.

Benefits of refinancing

  • Your needs and goals change over time.  What may have suited you when you first got your loan, may no longer be needed, or you may wish to add in additional features that you will now get benefit from.
  • Reducing the interest rate, accessing equity to renovate or buy a new car or use funds to invest
  • Consolidating debt or restructuring your loan can help to free up cash flow
  • We will outline clearly the pros and any cons of refinancing, so that you are aware of all the costs involved and what it means to you. 

Process to refinance

  • Let us review your current home loan and find out what is and is not working for you
  • I will take what you have and what you want and compare it to the hundreds of home loan products from my panel of lenders.
  • I will break down the costs and benefits of refinancing to be sure it makes financial sense, answering any questions and providing you with advice to help you choose.
  • I will do as much of the paperwork as I can for you and manage the loan process through to settlement.
  • My goal is to make it as seamless as possible, keeping you updated along the way.
Book in for your FREE home loan health check

I would love to have a chat to see if refinancing could put you in a better position. 

To book your free home loan health check, give me a call me on 0413 848 063 or drop me an email at

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