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Refinancing your home loan means moving your home loan to a new lender, and applying for a new home loan all over again. This might sound complicated but it can have some great benefits. 

There are lots of reasons people refinance, and when considered carefully if could see you paying out your loan faster or lowering your monthly repayments.

Refinancing can help if you would like to:

  • lower your monthly repayments
  • get a home loan with better features
  • obtain a lower interest rate
  • switch lenders
  • renovate or upgrade your home
  • use the equity in your home to invest
  • consolidate your debt into a low interest loan

If you are simply looking to lower your monthly repayments, there may be options outside refinancing, so make sure you speak to us first. Refinancing comes with it's own set of costs, so sitting down to figure out what they are, will help you understand if there are long term benefits to be had. 

Our free Home loan health check

At Mortgage Choice, we are passionate about making sure that Australians aren't stuck in the same home loan forever. Your life changes, as do your home loan needs. Check that your home loan still suits you and is still on a great low rate with our free Home Loan Health Check.

Our Willetton & Canning Vale team will compare your current home loan with hundreds of others o the market to see if we can get you a better deal. It only takes a short time and could save you money. 

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