Importance of having the correct ID documents

June 30, 2016
Lorraine Bennett

When purchasing real estate or refinancing a loan to another lender, now more than ever, it is important to have the correct documents to confirm your identity.

The Victorian Titles Office (NSW & SA have similar requirements other states may vary) are now strict with identifying those persons who are to be listed on the title. Prior to purchasing, as well as being identified by your broker you will also need to be identified formally by your conveyancer. You should discuss your options on how best to do this with them.  

I have listed the minimum requirements below. Your names must be the same on all documents:   

  • Current Australian Passport PLUS current Australian Driver's Licence or Australian Proof of Age Card PLUS change of name or marriage certificate if necessary (if your Passport & Driver's Licence is in your married name then a marriage certificate is not required)


  • Current Australian Driver's Licence or Australian Proof of Age Card PLUS Full Birth Certificate PLUS Medicare card PLUS change of name or marriage certificate if necessary 

There are other variations & you can discuss those options with me.

I must sight the originals & agree the applicant has the same facial characteristics to the person in any photographs.

Please note Full Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Change of Name Certificate can only be those issued by Births, Deaths & Marriages.  

As this can take time to organise, especially if you have to order full birth certificates or renew passports, I suggest you work on having them available as soon as you can, as providing the correct documentation if you considering purchasing or refinancing is going to be a necessary requirement.  Indeed for everything in our society moving forward - best to have at least the minimum available in case you need to act quickly in regard to a purchase (or indeed in an emergency).

Once you have your ID up to date, please store the documents in a safe place.

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