Being ripped off by your bank?

As we got to the end of our meeting, Mrs X exclaims "we are being ripped off by our bank"!

Can you imagine it? You've been a loyal customer for over 10 years, you've never missed a single payment.


While we like to think the lenders have an agenda to 'rip us off' they don't really. You may have started in a discounted loan or fixed rate which has just turned over to the normal standard rate at the end of the discount period.


Lenders have great rates and deals which change weekly.Each week my inbox is like a trail of spam with updates from lenders. Nothing stays constant for very long.

Discounted rates, no application fees, cash rebates for moving lenders, low fixed rates, great lines of credit (LOC) at residential rates. It is all there for the taking.


Is it time to get your head out of the sand and take control of your mortgage?


Our team at Mitcham / Happy Valley Mortgage Choice can show you how you could restucture your loan and possibly save you money each month. You don't have to move lender if you don't want to. We can refinance you to a better product at your current lender.

Call or email Louise today and let's get started.

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