Happy Xmas !

December 20, 2013
Mandy Dickerson

I truly can't believe its Xmas already.   It seems you turn around and its Easter and then before you know it ho ho ho its Xmas.

Its been a busy 2013 here at Mortgage Choice Clarkson. 

I celebrated 10 years of service as a Franchisee at Mortgage Choice - talking of time flying where did that go !!

We welcomed new staff member Sheila Bindley to our team and we welcome back Maria Le Poidevin in January 2014 - good on you Maria !

We have plenty of referrals from clients this year and we thank you one and all for that, it really is a great compliment and we love it !!!

I'm looking forward to a short break over Xmas and bring on 2014 !!

Happy Xmas everyone and all the very best for 2014.



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