Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

October 07, 2014
Mandy Dickerson

Its really important to understand how your credit score can determine whether you can get a loan approved or declined.   So keeping your credit file in tip top condition is crucial !!  

Watch those credit enquiries!  Too many enquiries can lead to  a (sometimes immediate) decline so resist signing up for unneccessary credit. Online enquiries will have the same effect btw. 

Make sure you pay all your credit cards / personal loans ON TIME!  Even if you are a couple of days late with your payment it will still show up as a late payment on your statement.  So put a note in your calender or set up direct debits - whatever suits you - just make sure the payment is on time. 

Keep an eye on your credit file.  You can download the form to apply for your credit file from  It normally takes about 10 working days, alternatively you can pay to get hold of it quicker.  

This is a complimentary and immediate service for our clients :) 

If you notice any errors on your credit file then get them sorted out without delay. 

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