Too young for loan protection?

June 17, 2015
Melissa McCullock

Do you believe you don’t need loan protection because you are “young, fit and healthy”?

 If so, you may want to know that ALI Group recently paid a claim to Darren who was only 35 years old when he suffered a heart attack. In Darren’s own words, having loan protection was “... a huge help. It’s worth its weight in gold I reckon. You were recommended by my broker when I bought the house

Illness doesn’t discriminate.

In Australia, someone suffers a heart attack every 10 minutes *



How would you meet your loan repayments if you suffered a serious illness. You need to know that a Loan Protection Plan may be able to help by providing you with a lump sum payment that can be used to:

  • ·         Meet loan repayments or repay large debts, such as a mortgage.
  • ·         Help you and your family maintain your lifestyle.
  • ·         Pay for unexpected medical costs.


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