Too Many Choices!!!

February 25, 2014
Mark Hevron

You have decided to buy a new home or an investment property and you need to borrow some money.  You have contacted your local Mortgage Choice Representative and you have ascertained you may borrow the amount you require.


Another big decision looms. Who do you obtain your finance from? What do you require in terms of interest rate - variable or fixed? What about the ability to offset? Do you need a branch network or are you happy with e banking?


Mortgage Choice Brokers have 27 Lenders available to service your requirements. They can guide you through the process of what is available and explain the basics as can (and should) your accountant and/or your financial planner but ultimately, the choice as to which lender and which product must be yours.


But…what if you still have absolutely no idea what to do. Choice A and Choice B continue to taunt you, each one pulling at you but neither one pulling enough to help you finally take that deep breath and pick one already.


At times like this it may seem that you’re stuck closing your eyes and pointing, hoping that whichever option you randomly pick winds up being the right one. And you’re not entirely wrong about that. Because there is a no-fail way to make the right decision every time, even when you’re positive you have no idea what you really want.


Flip a Coin.




Whenever you’re faced with two choices, give this little trick a try:

  1. Find a coin.
  2. Designate one side “Choice A” and the other “Choice B.”
  3. Flip the coin.
  4. Place your hand over the result.
  5. Stop right there.


Don’t actually look at the result. Instead recall (without pausing to give yourself a second to overthink it) which result you just secretly hoped would be revealed.


Because there was one. The instant that coin flipped and you slapped your hand over it, somewhere, deep down below all your analysing and debating, you instinctively wished that one of those two choices would come out on top.


You just needed to stop thinking about it long enough to know your true desire.


Why This Trick Works


Weighing pros and cons objectively isn’t a bad thing. It can be necessary to make sure you make the right choice for the long run rather than letting your emotions run away with you. But when you’ve done all that weighing, and both choices still seem equally favourable, then it’s time to rely on your gut.


It’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis—to dissect an issue from so many angles and consider so many arguments you lose all sight of the key question in any decision-making process: If Choices A and B both seem objectively “good” for you, then that’s ultimately what it comes down to.


You just need to step outside of your own head for a second to realize which choice is the answer.


Adapted from: The Surefire Way to Make Up Your Mind When You Have No Idea What You Really Want Lifestyle July 17 by Kelly Gurnett

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