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As a Mortgage Choice broker, I frequently get asked questions like:

  • How much money do I need for a deposit?
  • What is the home loan application process?
  • How do I unlock the equity in my home to purchase an investment property?
  • What is refinancing and why would I do it?

and many more...

So I have added a selection of quick videos that help to explain all of these frequently asked questions and more.

If any of these topics are relevant to you and you want more information, just complete contact us box or call me directly on 0418 915 920.

Why I chose Mortgage Choice
Explaining the home loan application process…
How to save money for a home loan deposit
Unlocking equity to invest
Guide To Refinancing - Mortgage Choice
The truth about 0% car finance
What services can Mortgage Choice assist wit…
What do I have to do when I apply for a loan…
How to decide whether to rent or buy?

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