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The satisfaction I felt upon settling the purchase of my new home was due significantly to the impeccable service I received from Alan Graf. Alan's reassuring hand guided the process in such a way that, from the beginning, I drew considerable peace of mind knowing that I had the good fortune of his professional knowledge and insight. I appreciated Alan's prompt replies to my enquiries and his availability to meet at short notice. Alan provided me with clear and comprehensive instructions and drew upon his own professional networks to accelerate the process of achieving the necessary approvals and submissions. Put simply, I believe that I wouldn't have achieved such a successful and efficient home purchase without the assistance of Alan and Mortgage Choice. Having been personally referred to Alan by one of his former clients, I, too, have readily recommended Alan and Mortgage Choice to others looking to buy. Here's to you, Alan!

G A Olsen (Upgrader) Drysdale, VIC

Thank you Alan, once again you have been wonderful. I shall spread the good word.

L Christie (Property Investor) Mornington, VIC

It has certainly been an interesting process! Thank you for keeping on top of this and I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family. Your customer service and expertise has been exceptional. Thank you!

A Arvanitakis (Upgrader) Cremorne, VIC

Alan is a trustworthy and thorough mortgage broker. I would recommend him without hesitation. I found him to be of high integrity, personable and on time.

R Chatwood (First Home Buyer) Prahran, VIC

Thanks very much from Bob and I to you for all your help in the process. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and colleagues when they next look to buy.

S Pickering (Upgrader) St Kilda, VIC

It has been a pleasure for both Julie and I to deal with you, particularly after the experience we received from our bank's Home Loan/branch staff. We also thank you for your urgency in getting our initial loan approved and then having patience while settlement was held up by the Vendor. Both Julie and I are very pleased with the result and your effort and advice over the past 6 months.

S&J Leske (First Home Buyer) Ormond, VIC

I would like to take the opportunity to say a sincere THANK YOU to Alan Graf. My husband and I refinanced our home with ANZ upon advice through Alan after 3 weeks of frustration with another mortgage broker. Amazingly Alan had our paperwork organised and finance approved within 3 days, the comparison speaks for itself 3 days - 3 weeks without a decision. More importantly we saved $400 per month in repayments. We were ecstatic with the work that Alan did for us, never was anything a problem and the process was seamless. We later sold our home and financed another property again through Alan, I cannot speak highly enough about Alan, he is a true professional. Alan, thank you for the services that you have provided us. We will be in contact again to organise yet another loan, as will many of our friends.

C Scott (Refinancer) Footscray, VIC

Over the past four years I have purchased two properties, both as my principal home. On each occasion I found the thought of sorting through which home loan best suits my needs not only time consuming but also confusing. I sought the professional advice of Alan Graf and can only say how pleased I was. Alan very quickly put together a short list of options available to me and advised me on how I could save thousands of dollars. He negotiated a fantastic interest rate and advised how I could save on everyday bank fees. Alan's knowledge of the mortgage market is second to none. He adapts a very non biased and honest approach to recommending financial institutions taking into consideration which package will best suit the individual. He is very thorough in his follow through and really takes the stress out of moving home. I can highly recommend Alan's services to anyone who is considering buying a home or an investment property.

C Dundon (Upgrader) Carnegie, VIC

Thank you for looking after our mutual client. I really appreciate your efforts to make my clients happier. He is extremely impressed with his service from you. You've done an excellent job, so thank you sincerely.

R Millar (Accountant) (Property Investor) Melbourne, VIC

Alan was efficient and courteous at all times when assisting me to obtain finance for a home loan. He helped me not only to save my house from being placed on the market but also helped me to keep my family together through tough times and saved our marriage. Alan was well versed and knowledgeable about the various home loan services available and hence was able to provide me with the best advice on choice of home loan that would suit my budget and family. I have been overwhelmed with Alan's professional service, his sensitivity, his understanding of the difficult circumstances and times I was facing. He was very patient in listening, understanding and advising me during his visits. I am extremely happy with the outcome which has returned to me my happiness of keeping my home, dignity and hope in life by successfully obtaining a home loan in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Alan to any client seeking assistance to obtain a home loan.

J Lawrence (Refinancer) Werribee, VIC

The thing that impressed me the most was Alan's fast, friendly and efficient service. There was no question he couldn't answer and there was no problem he couldn't overcome. In a long loan application process he was helpful and problem solution oriented. He both met and exceeded my needs and expectations.

B Edwards (Refinancer) Dingley, VIC

Alan Graf from Mortgage Choice quickly gets you the best finance deal that is possible for your particular circumstances. Alan helps you interpret your financial position, cuts through all the complicated bank procedures and at all times acts in your best interests while keeping you fully informed as to what is happening.

M Plaisted (Upgrader) South Yarra, VIC

I talked to many home mortgage advisers when selecting a right loan from a right organisation which could satisfy my need. While some of them failed to provide me satisfactory information, some lacked the personal touch and all of them failed to disclose the 'fine print', but Alan Graf gets ten out of ten on all of those. As most would be, I was also very cautious and bit over scrupulous in my first home loan and was looking for somebody who can work with me in evaluating the options rather than throwing options at me. From my experience I can say that while most of the mortgage advisers offer 15-20 choices, Alan offers a professional tailored solution with personal touch.

S Trivedi (First Home Buyer) Mill Park, VIC

What Not to Do! When we first purchased our investment property we went about it in all the wrong ways. We purchased without finance - not the most ideal way to go. We also harboured distrust towards all Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers as far as we were concerned they are all thieves out to rip you off. What to Do! Then we met Alan Graf of Mortgage Choice. Alan's charm and gentle disposition coupled with his enormous knowledge base put our minds to rest. Finally someone who could explain the process and pinpoint exactly which product best met our needs at that moment and into the future. The process was stress free and streamlined. We recommend Alan to everyone. The mortgage world is a better place with Alan in it. If only he could flog real estate!

A Fillip (Property Investor) Melbourne, VIC

Alan recently assisted me in obtaining a home loan and provided exceptional service through the process - from the very first phone call, throughout our several meetings which were conducted at a time and place which was suitable to me, until after the loan was approved. Purchasing a house can be stressful enough, so by obtaining unbiased professional help as I did, my attention could be directed to the house itself knowing full well that everyone was under control. Alan was able to restructure my financial situation thereby allowing me to obtain the necessary loan amount to purchase the house that I truly desired, for which I am grateful.

G May (Upgrader) Ivanhoe, VIC

We were very impressed with the professionalism and personal care taken by Alan to ensure we got the right loan for our needs. He even went out of his way for a personal visit to see how we were doing once we moved in. We would definitely use Mortgage Choice again due to the level of service provided by Alan.

B&K Crapp (First Home Buyer) Fitzroy North, VIC

I have known Alan Graf for almost two years and over this time he has been of tremendous personal assistance and support with his mortgage broking service. In short he has been able to provide the finance necessary for several residential properties. Alan has the ability to consistently achieve financial objectives over the telephone and handle any customer difficulties. By him exceeding my expected level of quality customer service, I have successfully achieved a number of major property investment goals. I am still amazed on how well he communicates and negotiated with financial lending institutions. I strongly recommend Alan and his mortgage broking service to anyone who is either; a first home buyer, or looking to refinance an existing property or whether building a property portfolio for investment purposes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the excellent work over these past few years and I'm certain that I will be utilising Alan's services again very soon.

A Brydon (Property Investor) Kew, VIC

Prior to seeing Alan and being rejected by my own bank I did some research and found out that his company does not rob people but they get a commission from the banks for their services and the business they bring to them. I felt good. Alan listened to me like no bank manager will ever do. He asked me details about my finances, tax returns, group certificates etc. He put everything down in his computer and said: (I still remember his words) 'Don't worry you have a good chance of getting the loan even from your own bank'. My own bank! The same bank that rejected me and left me to be a pray to alcoholism. He called me a few times, even over the weekend asking me for various papers. In the end, Alan organised a loan for me from my own bank! He is a wizard. If you need assistance with finance and Alan can't provide it for you, give up! I unreservedly recommend him to anyone.

C Sardelis (Refinancer) Melbourne, VIC

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