5 reasons to give me a call

July 12, 2017
Beth Measday

If you are looking at any sort of loan (except unsecured) it is worth giving me a call on 0403 577 287 to see if I can help you.


At Mortgage Choice, we don’t only arrange home loans. We can organise finance for your business, your new car, boat or caravan as well as land and construction. We have access to a large panel of lenders so we can find you a loan that suits your needs and best of all, we do all of the research and negotiating for you.


Brokers at Mortgage Choice are paid the same amount no matter which Financial Institution on our panel of lenders is used to write the loan. This means that MC brokers are not swayed to write to a particular lender because they get more commission. Your Mortgage Choice broker is truly working for you!


Mortgage Choice is paid a commission by the Financial Institution when your loan settles. The Financial institution is happy to do this as the broker has done all of the research and paper work for you. Because of this, Mortgage Choice does not charge the customer a fee – it is free to you.


The current financial landscape is changing on a daily basis and your Mortgage Choice broker is uniquely equipped to be up with the latest rates and offerings of each of the Financial Institutions. Each Financial Institution looks at incomes and expenditure as well as property security in a slightly different way, so choosing to arrange your finance through a Mortgage Choice broker will ensure you are getting the deal that is right for you.


Mortgage Choice brokers work flexible hours so if coming to the office during business hours doesn’t work for you, they can meet you at a mutually convenient time and place. If the children aren’t in bed before 7.00pm they can come to your home after that!

 Five very good reasons to give me a call!

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