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Taking the first car loan you see on the market might mean you're missing out on a great deal & paying more than you should. Especially with the huge panel of lenders we have at Mortgage Choice Rosanna who are all competing for your car loan. 

We have car loan lenders competing for your loan

Finding the right car is a big deal - as is finding the right car loan! We know it's not as fun as driving away in your new car, but it can make a huge difference to your monthly car loan repayments. Save yourself some time and perhaps money and talk to us about your car loan options today.

We have some great competitive rates

There are some fantastic car loan rates out there at the moment, with lenders competing for your loan. We have a wide panel of car loan lenders and rates, so we can help you find the right one. Plus the team in Rosanna & Ivanhoe know how to read the fine print, so you can have peace of mind that your car loan is the right one.

Try our new door-to-door car buying service

No time to search for the right car yourself? Our car buying service gets you the right car at the right price, delivered to your door. Use our national buying power to get a great deal with no haggling & no hassles!

We search a national network of car dealers to get the best deal, then deliver your new car to your door. We can even help you with the trade-in of your old vehicle.

Extra car finance services:

Find out more about your car loan options

The Mortgage Choice team in Rosanna & Ivanhoe have put together a range of handy loan resources to help you find out more about the process of buying and financing a new car. Read our finance & property blog or check out our easy MoneyChat videos on your car loan FAQs. You might be interested in our blog:  what you need to know about car loans

When you're ready to get started financing your new car, contact us at Mortgage Choice Rosanna on 0419 587 863 or click on the Contact us button at the top of the page.

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