How much can I borrow on my mortgage? How much will it cost?

February 21, 2017
Marvin Coleman

Anyone considering a mortgage, or any other loan, needs to know the answers to these two key questions

  • How much can I borrow?
  • How much will it cost?


If you're still at the early stages of your planning and you just want to get an indicative answer to these questions, please take a look at my Mortgage Repayments & Home Loan Calculators page.  There you can examine different scenarios to answer these two questions, plus also find out the stamp duty payable and compare interest rates on different lender products.  

When you're ready to discuss your plans in more detail, please give me a call.  It might make sense to seek a pre-approval for your purchase (an indicative approval from a lender based on affordability, typically open for 6 months).

Cheers, Marvin 0431 376 008

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