Investor Lending is tightening up...why and what should you do?

May 09, 2017
Marvin Coleman

If you are - or intend to be - a real estate investor, you may have noticed recent changes in Investor Lending.  This is due to changes APRA (the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) made in March, principally to moderate high household debt.

APRA placed restrictions on investment lending and interest-only lending (often favoured by real estate investors), which saw some lenders halt new interest-only lending altogether, and many increase their rates for these loans.

The investment lending market is becoming increasingly expensive and complex to navigate, as lenders implement changes - sometimes with little warning - to comply with APRA rulings.  

What should you do? If you are considering changes to your investment loan (eg buying an investment property, or refinancing or fixing your loan due to interest rate concerns), call me to discuss your plans and desired outcomes.  I stay informed about lenders' policy and product changes, so can help you find the best loan for your circumstances in this changing landscape.

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