Owner Occ Borrowers benefit, even though RBA holds rate at 1.5%

November 07, 2017
Marvin Coleman

While the RBA rate isn't moving (unchanged today at 1.5%, read their reasoning here), there's a lot going on in the lending market. Watch my quick video to understand to get up to date.

In particular, if you're an Owner Occupier making principle & interest ("P&I") repayments on your mortgage, it's your lucky time.  You are currently many lenders "ideal client", so they're offering very competitive products to get your business.

If you're paying more than 4% on your mortgage, send me your basic details (lender, balance outstanding, interest rate) and I'll do a quick Home Loan Healthcheck.  You'll either have the comfort of knowing you're on the best deal for you, else I'll be able to find a better product you can switch to.  

Even a 0.5% saving on a $400,000 mortgage would deliver savings of $2,000 pa.  That's going to help with a few extra presents this Christmas.

And remember, my services are free to you; the lender pays my fee.  I will find the best mortgage for your circumstances from a panel of more than 20 lenders.


Cheers, Marvin

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