The top 5 money mistakes not to make!

October 09, 2017
Marvin Coleman

These are the key points from a great article, which was actually titled "The top five money mistakes financial planners watch us make".  It could equally have been called "The Top 5 Money Matters to get right in your 20s" or "Teach your kids these Top 5 Money Musts".  

These mistakes are common but can be resolved with a financial plan.

1. Not saving enough.

2. Not studying enough (not boosting your salary potential)

3. Poor (which is often "no") financial planning.  

4. Not investing enough.

5. Investing in the wrong things.


No matter your stage of life, it's important to set financial goals and a clear plan of how you will achieve them.  If you have any questions, I'm here to help.

Cheers, Marvin

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